You Have More Creative Things to Do, Like Creating Your New Business Logo!

I get it; it's complicated to start a business. By the time you maneuver the state filings, you already forgot why you wanted to start a business in the first place.  

Starting a business is exciting and fun but the legal side of it, not so much. There are so many things to consider, for example, what type of business do you want? Will you be a sole proprietor, will you create an LLC, LLP, or an incorporation? The list goes on, but we can narrow down what's best given your individual situation and your specific needs.

Will you need independent contractors agreements, employment agreements and/or vendors contracts?

I can guide you every step of the way at an incredibly reasonable price. You don't think you can afford quality in-house counsel? Think again! Technology has changed the way we do business and law firms should not be the exception.  By utilizing all the technology tools available to me, I can practice more efficiently and pass on the savings to you!

You can select from the different options below or create your own menu.

Option 1. A-La-Carte Services

You control what services you need. All fees are established up-front and you will never receive a surprise invoice at the end of the month. Below is a list of some a-la-carte items for small businesses and start up's:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • By-Laws

  • Releases

  • Waivers

  • Non-Compete Agreements

  • Contract Drafting

  • Contract Review

  • Resolutions

  • Minutes

  • Collections

Option 3. In House Counsel Club

I can be your in-house counsel and be on call for all your legal needs. For an affordable monthly subscription you will receive top quality legal advice. Some of the recurring issues might include the following:

  • Contract Writing/Reviewing

  • Corporate Governance

  • Ownership Changes

  • Collections

  • Breach of Contract

Option 2. Prepaid Package

We know what you need and we have put together the basic legal services a start-up business typically requires. Again, you know the total price BEFORE signing anything. Some of the services include:

  • Entity Creation

  • EIN

  • Operating Agreement/Managing Agreement

  • First Meeting Minutes

  • Banking Resolutions

  • Employment Agreement/Independent Contractor Agreement

Option 4. You Don't fit in a Box

We haven't met your needs yet? You tell us what you need and we will work with you and your budget.